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Rodrigo Portugal da Costa
Doutorando em Planejamento Urbano e Regional pela Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (IPPUR/UFRJ) e economista da Superintendência do Desenvolvimento da Amazônia (SUDAM).

Regional Policy beyond North Constitutional Fund (FNO): The Roraimas 5%

This paper aims analyze why North Constitutional Fund (FNO) did not reached goal of 5%s application in Roraima. It is debated how the main instrument of National Policy for Regional Development (PNDR) suits territorial dynamics in a state, and which are the principal problems that go beyond the policy of credit. Thus, this paper uses a FNO’s qualitative evaluation to capture perceptions of agents on development. The results show the credit has problems concession as bureaucracy and technical assistance, however factors such as the weakness of local economy, political problems in Venezuela, isolation from the rest of the country, land tenure, income and labor concentrated in urban state bureaucracy makes the credit policy does not produce the desired effects. The proposal is to induce credit to urban sectors in the short run and in the long run search for answers to multi-scale and multi-dimensional problems.

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