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Silvia Gorenstein
Economista, Magister en Economía, Especialista en Planificación Regional, pesquisadora do CONICET

Graciela Gutman
Economista, Especialista en Economía Industrial, pesquisadora CONICET

Development and territory: technological clusters in the periphery

The new technological paradigms have raised several questions related to their challenges and promises for promoting the development and the productive diversification in peripheral countries. Key sectors and regions in previous technological paradigms are losing their relative importance, while new ones are emerging as principal places for capital accumulation. New actors, relations and governance are changing the knowledge, financial and goods flows, and the mechanisms for the appropriation of profits and rents. This paper emphasizing on the local/regional impacts of the diffusion of the new technological paradigms, in particular on ICT and Biotech clusters, in order to advance for the study of these kinds of developments in Argentina.

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