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Daniel Pereira Rosa
Doutorando do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Geografia Humana da Universidade de São Paulo (USP).

Consensus and Dissensus About the Dormitory Town: São Gonçalo (RJ), Continuities and Advances on the Peripheral Condition

This essay discusses Brazilian urbanization in the 21st century and also the heterogeneity of Fluminense metropolitan periphery. Using the São Gonçalo town example, it indicates bibliographic references and show elements that call attention to the need of understand the role of peripheral towns that despite metropolitan primacy, demonstrates more relationship whit the metropolitan area, forming a kind of integrated periphery. As integrated periphery, looks that mobility indicators, the growth centralities, the modernization of urban territory and the development index dead us to soften some consensus about this peripheral town, yet identified as dormitory town.

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