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Liana Carleial
Professora titular da UFPR e presidente do Instituto Municipal de Administração Pública do município de Curitiba.

The Brazilian regional development still in question

The essay argues that the Brazilian regional question and the correspondent regional development policies, settled in the sixties of the last century, failed to significantly reduce regional inequalities. On the contrary they only strengthens the pattern of inter-regional division established at half of the twentieth century. The aggravating factor is that the regional question is out of the Brazilian political, economic, business and academic agendas. In the present work, it is considered, however, that the number of investments in infrastructure and strategic industry sectors outside the Rio-Sao Paulo axis, could lead to an intensification of productive structures in the most impoverished regions and allow a new regional dynamics that might change the current pattern of inter-regional division of labor in Brazil.

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