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Riyuzo Ikeda Júnior
Doutorando em Ciência Tecnologia e Inovação em Agropecuária na UFFRJ, mestre em Desenvolvimento Territorial e Políticas Públicas da UFRRJ

Eviroment Sacrifice Zone: the case of Sepetiba Bay

For decades, the municipalities of Itaguaí/RJ and Rio de Janeiro, and the territories surrounding the Sepetiba Bay have grown and developed with no solid and sustained environmental politics leading to neglect of environmental issues, with sanitary sewage, environmental damages and unsustainable economic growth being the topics to be addressed in this study. Since they generate problems in the present day due to the fact and decisions taken decades ago in a region with strong socioeconomic potential, but which was not a priority of the States attention to the environment. Given this scenario, the article will analyze the three points mentioned and expose the adversities that these liabilities have caused in the natural and social environment of the region, as well as solutions presented by the State and private initiative in order to overcome such tribulations.

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