Resumo em Inglês

Thiago Oliveira Neto
Doutorando em Geografia Humana pela USP, Mestre em Geografia pela Universidade Federal do Amazonas UFAM,

Hervé Théry
Pesquisador CNRS e Professor do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Geografia Humana da USP.

The expansion of grain production and circulation infrastructure in Brazil

The production and circulation of goods depends, in a primordial way, on the existence of engineering systems that permit the flow of vehicles capable of moving a given production from one point to another, either locally or locally. production and consumption. In this context, the production of grains in Brazil, with emphasis on soybeans and corn, has been displaced over the last 50 years to the north of Brazil. The production of these grains encompasses from the planting to the harvesting of the harvests, increasingly demanding the presence of public infrastructures, highlighting the highways built by the State, concomitantly, the presence of private capital in the structure of transhipment ports, vehicles, vessels and silos In this sense, we highlight the fundamental role of the BR-163 highway and the installation of ports in the municipality of Itaituba.

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