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Thays Tureck Rodrigues
Comissionado - administração -na Assembléia Legislativa do Estado Paraná (PR); Mestrado em Governança e Sustentabilidade no ISAE - Instituto Superior de Administração e Economia do Mercosul.

Cleverson Vitorio Andreoli
Doutor em Meio Ambiente e Desenvolvimento nUniversidade Federal do Paraná; Professor no mestrado profissional em Governança e Sustentabilidade do ISAE, consultor da empresa de consultoria ambiental Andreoli Engenheiros Associados

Analysis of the activity of the Legislative Assembly of Paraná in relation to sustainability and environment

The pressure on planetary resources arising from the appropriation of natural resources by humanity causes profound changes in the environment. Society together with its representatives need to create mechanisms to mitigate impacts seeking environmental conservation through sustainable practices. The legislative power, one of the main political institutions, plays the important role in society of representing citizens interests through the production of laws that define public policies. The objective of this work is to analyze the performance of the Legislative Assembly of Paraná related to environmental legislation and sustainability. This research identified all propositions in the last 10 years regarding environmental legislation and sustainability and evaluated its procedures. And in the period from 2008 to 2018, it sanctioned 26% of the proposals processed. It showed the strong influence of the executive branch on the legislature, both in proposing new laws and on the effectiveness of approval of the projects presented.

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