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Fernando Campos Mesquita
Doutor em Geografia pela Unicamp. Pós-Doutorado em Política Científica e Tecnológica pela Unicamp, Professor Colaborador no Departamento de Política Científica e Tecnológica (DPCT) na Unicamp

Agriculture in regional planning doctrines

This paper aims to identify how the capacity of agriculture to promote the development was thought in different doctrines of regional planning. These doctrines were divided based on the study of Soja (2009). It is highlighted the welfare regionalism, in which the central author is Douglas North; the underdevelopment theory, in which the main author is Celso Furtado; and the new regionalism, in which the central authors are Richard Walker and Brian Page. The method of analyzes is based on a literature review, aiming to systematize the debate related to agriculture in regional planning. The point is to show how these different doctrines, in a specific geographical and historical context, investigated how agriculture, whether the agriculture could be a cause of underdeveloped regions or, could be an opportunity for economic dynamism.

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