Resumo em Inglês

Ester Limonad
Doutora em Arquitetura e Urbanismo pela Universidade de São Paulo, Professora Titular no Instituto de Geografia da Universidade Federal Fluminense

From Policy to Politics and the (in)governability of the territory

Herein I resume a reflection commenced in 2013, when the so-called June 2013 Brazilian journeys erupted, in which I emphasize the emptying of the political and the rise of social contradictions in Brazil. Therein I expose some questions that, unfortunately, had a quite premonitory character of what was yet to come. In order to reflect upon and understand the limitations of the political sphere in the current context and intending to forward some possible perspectives, from a critical geography approach, this essay seeks to identify, locate and point out some political and historical conditions that may have contributed to a rupture between the social and the political in Brazil.

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