Resumo em Inglês

Gabriel Teixeira Barros
Doutorando em Geografia na UERJ, Técnico de Pesquisa do IBGE.

Public urban transport policies in the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro and their (dis)articulation: analysis of the 2015 Urban Transport Master Plan

The present work aims to discuss some elements of public policies for urban transport in the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro and its insertion and articulation in three political-administrative scales: how the planning of transport in the metropolis is inserted in the determinations that, at the beginning of the new century, were created at the federal level in relation to urban development and how it is articulated, in the hierarchy between the federative levels, with plans and proposals at the state level and with some member municipalities of the metropolitan region. Specifically in relation to transport in the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, it will show an example of the problem of articulation between different federative levels. Also, it has as specific objective to analyze the methodology of selection of infrastructure projects that integrated the Master Plan for Urban Transport (PDTU) of 2015.

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