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Patricia Maíssa Ferragoni da Cruz
Doutoranda em Planejamento e Gestão do Território da UFABC

Metropolitan rural spaces: A look at public policies aimed at the new rural and urban pressures

This article aims to broaden the discussion on the presence of the rural in metropolises, through the theoretical perspective of "New Ruralities", which proposes a territorial approach to this space, recognizing its particularities and its pluriactivities and which brings the idea that, even in metropolitan context, “not everything is urban”. From this new approach, the creation of public policies for the maintenance of the metropolitan rural can be stimulated, with initiatives to contain urban pressure and also with incentives for agricultural production, multifunctionality and the permanence of its residents. At the end, it is identified here, through a literature review, public policies that somehow responded to these demands and that can serve as a model for other metropolitan rural areas.

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