Resumo em Inglês

Monique Bruna Silva do Carmo
Doutora em Planejamento Urbano e Regional na Universidade do Vale do Paraíba (UNIVAP)

Sandra Maria Fonseca da Costa
Doutorado em Informação Espacial pela USP; Professora da Universidade do Vale do Paraíba (UNIVAP)

Urban typology for small cities of the delta of Amazon River: A proposition and categorization

In this article, from a typological proposition, we seek to identify new possibilities and perspectives to categorize small towns in the delta of the Amazon River. As they exemplify the economic, social and geographic diversity of the different urban areas of the Delta, importance is attributed to these cities in the regional context as the process of their urbanization, in the last 30 years, has called attention to socio-spatial transformations. The regional restructuring followed a set of actions that resulted in the emergence of small urban agglomerations with little infrastructure and an economy dependent on forest and public resources. They are small cities with less than 21 thousand inhabitants and with a very peculiar and dynamic socio-spatial configuration. Although other studies follow similar methods to understand urban diversity in the region, the importance of small cities disappears in them compared to medium and large urban centers. In the present discussion, the insertion of new variables makes it possible to understand the typologies of small towns.

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