Resumo em Inglês

Livia Maria de Souza Almeida Coura
Doutoranda em Arquitetura e Urbanismo na Universidade Federal de Viçosa, docente na Unifaminas

Italo Itamar Caixeiro Stephan
Doutorado em Arquitetura e Urbanismo da USP; Professor nos cursos de Mestrado e Doutorado DAU/UV da Universidade Federal de Viçosa

Municipal District, the Forgotten Scale: Case Study of Muriaé - MG

Inserted in a wide problem of relations between different territorial scales, while municipal and district administrative units are differentiated by the criterion of political autonomy, the district being generally a “village” socioeconomically dependent on the seat district of the municipality to which it is linked. This article aims to understand the situation of the district in this relation and to know the differences between those that make up a municipality. The contribution is in expanding knowledge about the conditions to consider a certain territorial scale as a district, defining the objectives of its creation. A bibliographic review and a case study are used as methodology to relate qualitative and quantitative variables of the districts of Muriaé, MG. In urban planning actions, efforts are made to recognize the importance of the municipal district profile to define and enhance the role of these communities in the development of the municipality.

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