Resumo em Inglês

Thiago Oliveira Neto
Doutorando em Geografia Humana pela USP, Mestre em Geografia pela Universidade Federal do Amazonas UFAM,

Proposals to boost the transport network in the state of Amazonas

The material and immaterial circulation through the territory of Amazonas occurs through the existence of a diverse set of physical infrastructures built and that fully or partially meet the dynamics of transport between cities. The transport infrastructure has a fundamental relevance in conditioning new flows and enhancing the ones that already exist, and when observing the Amazonas State, it is recognized the existence of an urban network with infrastructure problems that cause limitation to territorial fluidity. With this is mind, it was sought to elaborate some general guidelines for the expansion of road, river and air circulation infrastructure. In this propositional discussion, the intention was to outline axes and networks that can be changed in order to complement the internal and regional dynamics of circulation, transport and communication of the proposed territory.

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