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Waldemar Sérgio Tavares
Doutorando na Universidade Trás-Os-Montes e Alto Douro - Portugal; Professor Universitário e Investigador

Geographic and socio-demographic of a coastline in urban crisis: the cases from the cities of Benguela and Lobito in Angola

The problem of the sustainability of urban settlements in Angola, characterized by the massive growth of the population balance and the lack of adequate and intelligent management of urban territories, fundamentally in the cities of Benguela and Lobito, have led to the degradation of the urban landscape at the provincial level, the devaluation of of the natural geomorphological heritage and the deterioration of the social and economic condition of its inhabitants. This exploratory article aims to analyze the social, political and geographic-natural factors that shape the urban crisis scenario in the cities of Benguela and Lobito. The study developed allowed us to verify that the urban spaces in these 2 (two) cities grow spontaneously, without urban planning in terms of spatial planning, without observing the geomorphological characteristics of the region, making the communities that live there more vulnerable to accidents. natural.

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