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Maria Julia Batista De Oliveira Reis
Doutoranda em Serviço Social da PUC-Rio

“Coca, água. latão”: Self-employment on trains in Rio de Janeiro

The present work aims to show elements of a particular expression of the “world of work” of capitalism in its facet of informalization and precariousness of work relations in an urban environment. With the reduction of labor rights in Brazil, the phenomenon of informality at work worsened; In particular, there has been an increase in self-employed workers over the years. Within this context, exploratory research was carried out regarding the work experience of ten young street vendors on the railway in the city of Rio de Janeiro, managed by SuperVia. Based on the results obtained, we sought to point out elements of precariousness and informalization in the city that are evident in the work of street vendors and their self-employment dynamics.

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