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Joana Teresa Vaz de Moura
Professora do Departamento de Políticas Públicas da Universidade federal do Rio Grande do Norte

Political environment and social texture within the National School Feeding Programme (PNAE) in the territory of Mato Grande/RN

This article seeks to analyze the political environment and the social texture that support the National School Feeding Programme - PNAE in local space. To achieve that objective the basic concepts of relational sociology were used, which give us interesting points to think about the relations between the State and civil society. One of the concerns is to understand why the same public policy, in this case the PNAE (the same rules, same institutional framework at the federal level), in practice works in a variety of ways and specificities in the selected municipalities. Data came from some researchs carried out in the years 2011 to 2013 in five municipalities in the Territory of Mato Grande. The results show that the relationships between family farmers and the public power still remain a challenge for several reasons, among them we could mention the fragility of family farmers’ organization

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