Resumo em Inglês

José Irivaldo Silva
Professor do Centro de Desenvolvimento Sustentável do Semiárido (CDSA) da Universidade Federal de Campina Grande

Luis Hermínio Cunha
Professor do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências Sociais (PPGCS) da UFCG

Development and sustainability in the implementation of projects and revitalization of the São Francisco River: the institutionaliza-tion of environmental concerns via ecological modernization

The environmental issue has been incorporated into several public policies in Brazil, ranging from direct action environmental protection to initiatives that seek to promote/induce devel-opment. Therefore, the transposition of the São Francisco River in Brazil was chosen as an emblematic case of the dichotomy between development and environment. Thus, the goal of this investigation is to try to understand what the position of the environment in this megapro-ject is. It is assumed that the amplitude, variability and multiplicity of meanings associated with environmental problems arise from discursive and political disputes about strategies of nature conservation and appropriate economic and institutional instruments to deal with what has been defined as environmental crisis in the context of advanced capitalist societies. It was sought to perceive meanings that the environmental issue takes when it is incorporated into the PISF and PRSF.

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