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Boanerges de Freitas Barreto Filho
Professor do Departamento de Economia da Universidade do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte em Pau dos Ferros/RN, Mestre em em Planejamento e Dinâmicas Territoriais no Semiárido.

Pau dos Ferros/RN in the regional context - a panorâmica view

The objective is to show the regional context of the municipalities of The Upper West Potiguar, considering the positions in the urban network and the Social Index of Municipal Development (ISDM). The urban hierarchy was based, as well as a bibliographic survey and documents and databases of the virtual environment. In addition to the low development indicators (average regional ISDM was 3.96), there is a process that seems to tend to exacerbate intraregional differentiations in favor of the pole city, Pau dos Ferros/RN. It is considered that the main economic role played by Pau dos Ferros/RN is to gather more quickly the resources transferred by the Government to the region and to exercise this role began to count on differentiations in relation to the surroundings, tending to exert more and more influence in the area, but, for the time being, without achieving structural changes in the economy.

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