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Dante Chiavareto Pezzin
Mestre em Planejamento Urbano e Regional pela UFRJ, Bacharel e Licenciado em Geografia pela UNICAMP, Estágiou no Instituto Geográfico e Cartográfico (Secretaria de Planejamento e Desenvolvimento Regional do Estado de São Paulo)

BNDES loans for transport concessions in Brasil: analisys from the perspective of regional development

Concessionaires in transport infrastructure in Brazil has received support of several state mechanisms to encourage investment. This movement gained force especially since 2007, with the release of the PAC (Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento) and additional privatization of sector´s assets. In 2012, Programa de Investimentos em Logística (PIL) and adoption of new measures for privatizing transport infrastructure boosted the provision of public resources for business groups in the sector. This article seeks to understand the volume and the quality of one of these instruments: BNDES Finem. The concessionaires controllers benefit from this support are observed as well as targeting of loans made, to help understand better the deepening of relations between state and the private sector with regard to the control and implementation of investments in this important sector to the dynamics of regional development in Brazil.

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