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Jaqueline de Oliveira e Silva
Coordenadoria de Patrimônio Imaterial da Fundação do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico de Pernambuco; Mestre em Antropologia pela Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

The “anthropological concept of culture“ in the field of public policies: a case study from the Coordination for Traditional Peoples and Department of Rural Populations of State of Pernambuco Culture

Since 2003 the Ministry of Culture, directed by Gilberto Gil and subsequently Juca Ferreira, has expanded its field of expertise about the tangible heritage and arts recognized to other forms of culture, especially of groups historically excluded from the policies of this ministry. New work fronts in sectors of society in which there was little or no contact with public policies for culture, such as traditional peoples and the communities were inaugurated . In this contextthe Coordination of Traditional Peopleswas created , within the State Department of Culture of Pernambuco, in 2012. Such departmentaffirms that its actions are based onthe perspective of the anthropological concept of culture, as a strategy they used the adequation of acting more respectfully to the "context" of the communities and also the demand for big shows there both by the state and by the populations involved.

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