Resumo em Inglês

Maria Lucia Ramos Bellenzani
Doutoranda em Planejamento e Gestão do Território na Universidade Federal do ABC

Bruna de Souza Fernandes
Bacharel em Ciências e Humanidades e em Planejamento Territorial pela UFABC

Luciana Rodrigues Fagnoni Costa Travassos
Doutora em Ciência Ambiental pela Universidade de São Paulo, Docente do Programa de Pós-graduação em Planejamento e Gestão do Território da Universidade Federal do ABC

Metropolitan ruralities as spaces of environmental resilience: the case of the São Paulo Metropolitan Region

This article aims to highlight the importance of the metropolitan ruralities, understood here as the rural spaces and rural-urban interface within the metropolis, based on the concept of new rurality and the premise that even in the most urbanized metropolis, rurality does not disappear, on the contrary, it remains and is re-signified. Through a brief case study of the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, we intend to demonstrate its relevance, especially in terms of the production of ecosystem services essential to the maintenance of the metropolis, as well as to point out the insufficiency of territorial planning and management instruments capable of adequately addressing the socio-territorial dynamics that form and transform these complex spaces.

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