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Caroline Barros de Sales
Doutoranda no Programa de Pós-Graduação em Planejamento e Gestão do Território, da Universidade Federal do ABC (PPGPGT/UFABC)

Environmental Governance and Disaster Risk Management: advances and challenges of the adaptation agenda at the local level in Brazil

Extreme events and disaster risk scenarios in cities and metropolitan regions indicate the urgency of climate change adaptation strategies. The article aims to present the advances and challenges of the adaptation agenda at the local level, in the face of climate change in Brazil. Through a methodology based on bibliographical and documentary review, it addresses the relationship between disaster risk management and environmental governance and the focus on adapting to climate change; and focuses on the local scale of the adaptation agenda, finally reviewing the advances and challenges that have been addressed by researchers in recent decades. It concludes by reflecting that the challenges, mainly institutional, can be overcome by intergovernmental cooperation mechanisms integrated into disaster risk management, making it worthwhile to think about participatory and collaborative planning, based on the perspective of environmental governance, so that plans and actions consider the environmental justice component.

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